Thursday, October 27, 2016

Term 4: 13th Oct - the paving stones the children painted in term 3 are placed outside around the school garden. Now the children can step on them as they garden.

Term 4: 13th Oct - during the school holidays Bob (a local man) very kindly made signs for our school garden. We are going to label these signs and put them in the planter boxes to show which vegetables are growing where.

20th Oct: thanks Redcliffs New World for donating some "Little Gardens" to our school

Term 4: the children have LOVED making, planting and watering these little plants. We have been measuring them with rulers to see how much they are growing.

Some of the seedlings have been planted 

 The children have been reading about how many days their seedlings should take to grow before they can be planted and are aware that spring is a good time for them to be put in the ground

 So proud of their creations!
 The herbs from the "Little Gardens" have gone in the "herb" box outside room 5 and 6's

More "little gardens" have been planted

Term 4 - spring and the garden is blooming

Term 4: 27th Oct - the fennel is growing well just in time to be harvested for the school hangi next week

The garden is flourishing and lots to harvest for the hangi

 Yummy purple broccoli

The beans have grown really well and the children and teachers enjoyed eating a dip from them
this morning

We have two ripe cabbages ready to be added to the food for the school hangi next week when we harvest our vegetables with the children